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 38 Film Festival Wins: BEST Feature Film, Horror Film, Director, Producer, Best Cinematography, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Ensemble, Original Song, Original Screenplay, Editing and VFX, Sound Design, Women Filmmakers and more.

Kevin Connor, Director: ("At The Earth's Core", "Land That Time Forgot", "People That Time Forgot", "House Where Evil Dwells", "Motel Hell".)

"Fun film and I'm amazed at the FX- Editing... All the actors were good and the camera work was exceptional."

Watch BEONDTV Interview with stars Madison Taylor and Andrew James Ferguson.

The Stars of ‘Seance Games Metaxu’ on the Horror Flick with a Modern Twist

Horror Stock:

Go Behind the Scenes on SEANCE GAMES: METAXU, Arrives on VOD Next Week!

Horror Asylum:


"Step Into The Paranormal SÈANCE GAMES METAXU: Supernatural Play And Social Media

Séances in the age of influencers."

The Advocate:

"Hold on to your seats, watch your back and prepare for surprises. It will be a roller coaster of 85 minutes..."

The Advocate: Listening Room Film Festival: A ghostly whodunit tops Saturday's lineup

Horror Asylum:

"Prepare to be enthralled, thrilled, and chilled as Séance Games – Metaxu graces screens on February 13th,2024."

“Séance Games - Metaxu” Press Release

Horror/Thriller Announces Film Festival Wins and Distribution Agreement


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Gravitas Ventures Distribution - US, Canada, Mexico

VOD - Apple TV, Amazon, VUDU and more!



Worldwide - Non US


Teaser Scene:

- About The Film - 

Séance Games - Metaxu




LOG LINE:        

Social media stars unite to play METAXU, an online séance game, only to find they have unwittingly unleashed the Gates of Hell.



Supernatural Thriller/Horror



Eric Roberts (Demon/Husband of the Hotel)

Tane McClure (Ghost of Red Headed Woman)

Olivia Deligan (Kat)

Andrew Ferguson (Tommy)

Madison Taylor (Morgan)

Bernard Timmons II Stephen)

Farryl Christina Lawson (Julia)

Nisha Catron (Sally)

Sylvester Bowen (Gas Station Attendant) 



GRAVITAS VENTURES (Domestic North America)





Sylvester Bowen and Nisha Catron



Tane McClure, Keith Jefferies, Linda Berger, Tyke Caravelli, Mark Grove  



Tane McClure



Tane McClure and Tyke Caravelli



Four intrepid social media stars travel to a once glorious but now broken down establishment in the middle of nowhere.  They are there to play online Séance game known as METAXU and win a million dollars, but unbeknownst to them they have been set up to open the Gates of Hell.   



85 minutes, Original Master 5k Wide Screen   

SGM_Adler v14NoCredits.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-06-15 at 5.46.08 PM.png


Eric Roberts_DemonHusband_edited.jpg

Demon/Husband (Eric Roberts) is the current Gate Keeper. This handsome, dapper, jealous and controlling man built the mansion to imprison his wife, whom he eventually murders. This evil deed replays itself nightly until a new replacement can be found so he can move deeper into Hell.

ERIC ROBERTS career spans more that forty years and is a Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated actor. He has more than 700 credits on his resume that include Hollywood blockbusters, independent features, animated films and series, television series and stage productions. Some of the films which garnered nominations include KING OF THE GYPSIES, Bob Fosse’s STAR 80 and RUNWAY TRAIN. Television series include recurring roles in SUITS, LESS THAN PERFECT, THE FINDER and CBS’ long running soap THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. He is also a recipient of a Theatre World award for his work in the Broadway production of BURN THIS. 

Kat (Olivia Deligan) is a recent college graduate. She is attractive, athletic, smart, intuitive and somewhat diminutive compared to her friend Morgan. She became a popular but somewhat reluctant media star when she and Morgan started their internet show “Morg and Kat’s Adventures.” 

TaneMcClure SG Bloodied.jpg
Tane McClure  IMDbProCard.png

Anna-Ghost of the Red Headed Woman (Tane McClure), the wife of the demon/husband of the hotel is doomed to nightly play out her death in a hellish ritual. She is trapped in the mansion until someone replaces the Gate Keeper so her spirit can be released from eternal guilt and torture.

TANE MCCLURE made her small screen debut on THE VIRGINIAN appearing with her father Doug McClure who played ‘Trampas.’ She has over 60 acting credits to her name,

notable films include LEGALLY BLONDE (as Reese Witherspoon's Mom), CRAWLSPACE, CRUEL INTENTIONS 2, SHADOW HOURS, GO, A WOMAN SCORNED II, regular co-starring role on the hit Showtime series SHERMAN OAKS, guest spots on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, BAY WATCH NIGHTS, and many more.

In the early 2000’s she began writing, producing and directing, winning multiple awards for features, documentaries, shorts and screenplays. These projects include TRANCE, in which she also starred, LOVE BETTY WHITE, ROCKSTAR and VOYAGER 2150. As an author, she wrote RESCUE HEART: A LOVE STORY based on her screenplay. Tane has won over 37 film festival awards for her films and screenplays.


Kat (Olivia Deligan) is a recent college graduate. She is attractive,

athletic, smart, intuitive and somewhat diminutive compared to her

friend Morgan. She became a popular but somewhat reluctant media

star when she and Morgan started their internet show “Morg and

Kat’s Adventures.”

OLIVIA DELIGAN makes her screen debut at Kat in SÉANCE GAMES-METAXSU. She has appeared in semi-professional productions of HEATHERS: The Musical and RENT in her hometown of Seattle, Washington. She has also performed in numerous student films and plays throughout her schooling, including leading roles in THREE SISTERS, JULIUS CAESER, TWELFTH NIGHT, ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, DECISION HEIGHT and SHE KILLS MONSTERS. Currently enrolled at Pomona College with a double major in theatre and politics she trained classically for a semester at the British American Drama Academy in London, England.


Tommy (Andrew James Ferguson) is a recent college graduate. He is ultra-handsome, extremely athletic and was considered the ultimate Frat boy before graduating. The secrets he harbors are that he was a scrawny kid and wants to make it on his own, as he is from a wealthy family.

ANDREW JAMES FERGUSON is an award-winning actor, model and filmmaker. Since last April three other starring roles are SENIOR, for which he won ‘Best Actor’ at the Roma Film Festival, SIMON SAYS and INTO THE BOX. TV appearances are a guest shot in the docudrama INTO THE WILD FRONTIER and co-stars in the upcoming UNDERRATED and ABILENE. Co-starring in FAMILY and MR BLANC, shorts include GHOST STORY: A MODERN FAIRYTALE, Underground Film Festival selection and ROBBERS ANONYMOUS, which he directed was chosen for the Get It Made Film Festival last year. 


Morgan (Madison Taylor), a beauty, fashion and makeup social media

diva is a recent college dropout. She’s smart but didn’t care that much

about school. Behind her outward confidence she’s vulnerable and

sometimes insecure. Her dream is to become the biggest social media

star on the planet.

MADISON TAYLOR is a classically trained actor. Her on-screen work includes the award-winning series RACHEL RAMA, WHAT WE SEE and the upcoming FINALLY BEGINNING. Stage productions include performing in Titan Theatre Company’s Off-Broadway production of CYRANO as Roxane, along with other classic productions portraying Juliet at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Desdemona at the Montana Shakespeare in the Park and Viola with the California Shakespeare Company. She will soon be guest starring as Samantha Walker in the upcoming miniseries THE ANNIHILATOR.


Stephen (Bernard Timmons II), another college grad, is a tech nerd and very proud of his handle ‘Genius Brain-Nerd.’  When real ghosts appear that defy his logic, he needs to muster every ounce of courage to finish the challenging game and fight for his life and the lives of his friends.

BERNARD TIMMONS II is a Chicago native, actor, model and aspiring filmmaker. He moved to Los Angeles in 2019 and started in background acting to gain industry experience. Since then, he has worked on shows that include HBO’s EUPHORIA, the drama SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS, ALL AMERICAN on The CW and THE GOLDBERGS on ABC, to name a few. While continuing to pursue his degree in Theatre Arts he has also worked on commercials and appeared in a couple short films BOYS OF EARTH and BROTHERLY LOVE.  This film marks his first leading role in a feature.


Julia (Farryl Christina Lawson) was a friend to all the team members. She had a softness that emulated kindness and love, but drowned under mysterious circumstances at a school party. Her ghost is attached to Kat, and it is she who gives warning about the demon among them.

FARRYL CHRISTINA LAWSON is a native of Houston, Texas. She grew up singing, dancing and acting in numerous musicals and dramatic stage productions. Upon graduating from the University of Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Environmental Biology and a minor Theater and Performance she moved to Los Angeles in 2018. In addition to her supporting role in this film she also starred as Jazlyn in the indie movie FRACTURED. Her love of biology and creativity continue is as she owns the flower business Florals by Farryl. Her ultimate goal is to be an award-winning actor.


Sally (Nisha Catron) is the quirky caretaker of the establishment. This spunky, sassy and funny hippy ghost is a Metaxu, which means the “in between.”  She is neither dead nor alive.  She can talk to live humans and ghosts alike and is the link and key on how they can all escape.

NISHA CATRON is an award-winning actor, musician, composer, and producer. She starred in the short VOYAGER 2150 and appeared and composed for films that include WITCHCRAFT IV: THE VIRGINA HEART and CAT A DOG’S TALE.  She joined forces with her husband Sylvester Bowen to create Darlin' and Rose Productions and recorded two neo-traditional Worldwide Indie charting country albums, “Darlin' and Rose” and “Tomorrow Yesterday.” She has released a dozen music videos including COSMIC STORM and is a member of the comedy troupe Pretty Funny Women.

Gas Station Attendant (Sylvester Bowen), a greaser guy is snarky and odd. He too is a Mextaxu who can talk to both the living and the dead. He also holds a key to abet an escape and unbeknownst to the sole survivor he turns out to be Sally’s husband.  

SYLVESTER BOWEN grew up in the entertainment industry. The son of a wheelwright for popular westerns that included BONANZA and GUNSMOKE, he helped his father build wagons and rode horses after school. Settling in San Diego he started Freedom Guitar selling used music equipment reinforcing his love of music. In 2001 he and his wife Nisha Catron founded Darlin’ Rose Productions and wrote, produced and released multiple Indie Charting Americana albums.   This led to producing music videos, short films and now the feature film SÉANCE GAMES-METAXSU.

Meet The ProductionTeam

SÉANCE GAMES - METAXU was shot on location in La Tuna Canyon and Chanado Hills, California. 

It was shot with two Red Cameras, Red Epic and Red Dragon, a Sony a7sIII for the ghost POV’s,  a Drone camera and four Iphones.  That equates to 6K, 5K and multiple 4K cameras all being used in one film. This decision was made between the Director, Tane McClure and the Director of Photography Keith Jeffries because it enabled them to show different textures and differentiated the scenes bringing out the true meaning of METAXU, the in between.

The stunt coordination by Marc Steven Grove was exciting, difficult and potentially very dangerous.  Mark Steven Grove and his team carefully trained the actors and choreographed every skillful move.





Sylvester Bowen grew up in North Hollywood, CA and worked with his father, a blacksmith who built wagons for Hollywood movie and television sets for shows like the classic American series Bonanza. Owner of a popular music store Freedom Guitar for over 40 years alongside his brother, he became a staple of the San Diego, CA music community.  Sylvester is also well known as Darlin' in the Country Duo Darlin' and Rose with his wife Nisha and recorded two albums which won them accolades from the underground traditionalist country scene that had sprung up in the '90s.  Sylvester has produced, written and acted in his own original independent films and most recently executive produced the multiple award-winning short Voyager 2150 (2021) and Seance Games - Metaxu (2023) where he also plays the Gas Station Attendant.


Nisha Catron is an award-winning actor, musician, composer, and producer. She starred in the short VOYAGER 2150 and appeared and composed for films that include WITCHCRAFT IV: THE VIRGIN HEART and CAT A DOG’S TALE. She joined forces with her husband Sylvester Bowen to create Darlin' and Rose Productions and recorded two neo-traditional

Worldwide Indie charting country albums, “Darlin' and Rose” and “Tomorrow Yesterday.” She has released a dozen music videos including COSMIC STORM and is a member of the comedy troupe Pretty Funny Women.



Tané McClure is a highly successful film, television and music professional with over 37-plus Film Festival Awards and 19 nominations as well as earning the coveted LA Press Club - National Journalism Award. She has worked on both sides of the camera and microphone as an actress, producer, writer, director, editor, VFX artist, film sound designer, and a professional singer.

McClure's noteworthy productions include, the documentaries LOVE BETTY WHITE, JUST CALL ME HEF: THE HUGH HEFNER STORY, and BIG SHOTS series for Los Angeles Magazine, INSIDE AUTISM (educational docudrama), award winning feature film: TRANCE (as writer/producer), ROCKSTAR, an award winning short film, Best Music, Best VFX, and many nominations including: Best Director, Best Editor, Best Sound Design and more. And her Science Fiction award winning film VOYAGER 2150 winning over 37 awards in the Film Festival Circuit.

Tané McClure is the author of a new book: "RESCUE HEART - A Love Story", based on her award winning

feature film screenplay. RESCUE HEART has won numerous awards including Best Adapted Screenplay at the prestigious Burbank International Film Festival Awards and many more accolades as Best Screenplay.



Keith Jefferies has shot several award-winning films, directed on the BBC’s flagship international channel BBC World, and founded a successful regional TV station for British cable company NTL. He favors imaginatively choreographed blocking and evocative lighting as essential foundations for emotionally impactful storytelling.

Keith has been DP on dark comedy series “Felix Graves” (which he also co-directed), fantasy series "The Crooked Tower" and comedy series "Adversity".  Keith has also worked on features including "Monsters: The Dark Continent", "Grain" and “Intensive Care” and was cinematographer on "Naked Angel", "In Zer0: Fragile Wings" and "The Owner" — a global production that made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Keith Jefferies is an artistic, creative and problem-solving director of photography and camera operator.  Member of the International Cinematographers Guild, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and Associate Member of the Society of Camera Operators


Linda Berger, casting director, producer, and manager, was born to prolific entertainment professionals in Los Angeles, California. Inspired by their careers, she received her bachelor's degree in communications and media studies from California State University, Northridge and throughout her career as president of her casting company Linda Berger Casting she has cast over 100 episodes of television and over 100 feature-length films. She has also cast award-winning commercials and theater, as well as being a member of the producing team of Tony award winning musical Ain't Too Proud: The Life and Times of the Temptations. Currently, along with having several other films in production, she serves as vice president of SB Star Productions, overseeing legendary Motown music group The Temptations. Her most recent film, Seance Games: Metaxu, is currently out for distribution and is premiering at one of Los Angeles's largest horror conventions later this year.


Mark Steven Grove is a professional filmmaker and martial artist who lives in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong practitioner of Ninjutsu, Mark used his martial arts prowess to enter the film industry as an actor and stuntman. Since that time he has worked as a fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, special fx supervisor, pyrotechnician, firearms handler, special fx makeup artist, and historical consultant on over 120 projects. Mark owns and operates two businesses, Fusion Factory Films, LLC, which develops and produces cross-genre feature films and Rocky Mountain Stunts, LLC, which provides stunt and practical effects services as well as a full time training facility focused on teaching aspiring stunt performers.


Tyke Caravelli puts words together on the printed page to create images that move through cyberspace. As an award winning producer and writer Tyke Caravelli, brings ideas to life.
She and her producing partner, Tane McClure understand the power and magic of the media and create and produce quality, yet commercial entertainment.
Their first full-length motion picture TRANCE received “Best Fantasy Picture” honors at the New York International Independent Film Festival. In addition to SÉANCE GAMES-METAXU, they have collaborated on the RESCUE HEART: A LOVE STORY screenplay and book.
Tyke Caravelli is also an actor with extensive experience in motion picture, television and theater in Los Angeles and in her hometown of Chicago.

Making characters come alive either by acting, writing or producing Tyke Caravelli can breathe emotion into the characters and make them spring off the page. Whether it's multimedia, classic filmmaking or television, she is able to utilize the depth and breadth of entertainment industry experience to the fullest.




I am honored to present to you my full-length feature film Séance Games - Metaxu! This film has many levels and surprises! It is a beautiful, heartfelt, thrilling, and multi-dimensional film. One would not normally think of a Horror/Thriller genre film as beautiful or heartfelt... but as the story builds, the characters reveal their multi-facets and the actors deliver with honest gut-wrenching, tear jerking performances. The film has a Hitchcock style feel mixed in with a modern twist on Seance films, with an online social media game! The story involves multiple eras of ghostly stories.
Our Director of Photography, Keith Jefferies was brilliant!  We shot with 2 Red Cameras (5k Red Epic and a 6k Red Dragon), a 4k Sony a7sIII for the Ghost POVs and a 4k Drone camera, and four 4k Cellphone cameras all working together! If you are a techie like me, then that equates to: Main Cameras: 6k and 5k, along with three forms of 4k footage all coming together in one film.
My co-writer Tyke Caravelli and I had so much fun created this story and it is so exciting to see it come alive on screen.
I hope you enjoy this film as much as we all do.
Thank you!
Tane McClure



“There is a demon among us, and he is alive.”



Four Social Media Stars – smart yet diminutive Kat (Olivia Deligan), self-absorbed diva Morgan (Madison Taylor), Tommy (Andrew Ferguson), a handsome jock and tech nerd Stephen (Bernard Timmons II), team up to play an online Séance game known as METAXU. This new sensation on the internet has drawn millions of viewers willing to watch and eventually pick the most successful players all who have been chosen by the anonymous owners of the App in a quest to find the scariest place in America.


Each team is required to perform and stream two séances over two nights to awaken the dead. The winning team with the highest number of followers will win a million dollars and gain worldwide fame. But, unbeknownst to them they will open the “Gates of Hell.”

In route, stopping for gas they encounter a strange Gas Station Attendant (Sylvester Bowen) who warns them about the place. After finally arriving at their destination, a once glorious but now broken down mansion/hotel in the middle of nowhere, they are stunned to find a hippie woman running the establishment (Nisha Catron).  She tells them she is just the caretaker but warns them to be careful if they attempt to hold a Séance.

During their first séance, they are startled, thrilled and somewhat terrified when Anna, the Ghost of a Redheaded woman, appears (Tane McClure), who was murdered by her jealous demon/husband (Eric Roberts) and informs them that they are about to unleash a demon if they continue playing the game.


Unaware that they have been followed by the ghost of their murdered friend, Julia (Farryl Christina Lawson), Kat encounters her ghost in a dream and is informed by Julia that one of them is the killer.


Despite the countless warning signs of impending doom, the players are forced to hold the final séance.  As they repeat the call… “Metaxu”… they ask that the viewers join in with them.  As the calls grow and more and more internet viewers join in the chanting and the numbers grow into the hundreds of millions causing the Gates of Hell to open.  Spirits of the dead appear to choose a new demon to oversee the Door into Hell and become its eternal replacement.


As the new demon now announces, “That’s the thing about today…you can be a crazy piece of shit but as long as you smile and put on a good front, nobody bats a fucking eye…”


One of their own, a true demon is living among them…a true demon willing to kill and hurt and thrive.


The cards have been dealt.  Now only one may survive and one may remain…until next time… METAXU.


Darlin’ and Rose Productions

McClure Films

Ascalon Films


A Tane McClure Film


Exec. Producers and Producers:

Sylvester Bowen

Nisha Catron


Written and Created by:

Tane McClure and Tyke Caravelli



Tane McClure

Keith Jefferies

Linda Berger

Tyke Caravelli

Mark Steven Grove









NISHA CATRON: Sally Ferguson

SYLVESTER BOWEN: The Gas Station Attendant

TANE MCCLURE: Anna The Red-Haired Ghost




ERIC ROBERTS:    Demon/Husband of the Hotel



Tane McClure


Director of Photography:

Keith Jefferies


Art Director:

Erik Herrera


Assistant Director/2nd Unit Director

Alisa Zolonz


2nd Assistant Director/Script Supervisor

Bonnie Efird


2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator

Mark Steven Grove



Linda Berger


Editor and VFX:

Tane McClure


Costume Designer:

Swinda Reichelt


Key Makeup and Special Effects Makeup:

Taliah Rae Cortez


Art Director:

Francis Stokes


Camera Operators:

Keith Jefferies

Jeffrey Carolan, SOC

Nickolas Gilbert


Camera Assistants:

A Camera 1st Assistant:

Ben Smith

B Camera 1st Assistant:

Willow Longbrake


Digital Loader:

Willow Longbrake


Chief Lighting Technician:

Gregory Unger



Dimmer Board Operator:

Jeremy Guico


Best Boy Electric:

Ferguson Suave-Rogan


Key Grip:

Jeremy Guico


Best Boy Grip:

Michael Liska


Best Boy Grip:

Dylan Gershon


Specialty Grip:

Jake Reardon



Ron Mendez


Swing Grip/Electric:

John Walker


Colorist and Additional Editing:

Keith Jefferies


Key Costumer:

Tiana Daley


Assistant Makeup Artists:

Jorge Salgado Alarcon

Everett Reeves Routt


Production Sound Mixers:

Joseph Hartshorn

Morgan Hartshorn


Boom Operators:

Monson Douglas

Whitney Worthen

Chris Gamba



Sound Design and Post Sound Mixer:

Tane McClure



Mark Steven Grove

Nate M. Coyle


Additional Special FX Makeup and Blood Effects:

Mark Steven Grove

Nate M. Coyle

Darlissa Ebling


Prop Master:

Erik Herrera



Morgan Simons

MLS Enterprises LLC


Craft Services:

Lusine Kocharian


Production Assistants:

Bessy Adut

Melanie Marlo Ullmann


HoneyWagons and Star Trailers:

Hollywood Honeywagons


Transportation Manager:

Bradley Wagar



La Tuna Canyon Locations

Chanado Hills Locations

Charlie Rude


On-set Photographer:

Kristin Lee



Marcia Groff

Entertainment Enterprises


Original Theme Song:

“The In Between”

Produced by: Josquin Des Pres

Artist: Nisha Catron

Written by Nisha Catron and Sylvester Bowen



“Yeux Cachés”

Artist: Nom Fabriqué

Writer: Molly Cherryholmes


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production




Artist: Wicked Cinema

Writer: Matthew Wigton


Writer: Chelsea McGough


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production



“Dark Hour”

Artist: Falls

Writer: Matthew Wigton


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production



“Big Drum Barrage”

Artist: Rhythm Scott

Writer: Scott Roush


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production



“As Dusk Descends”

Artist: Wicken Cinema

Writer: Matthew Wigton


Writer: Chelsea McGough


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production


Publisher: Boss SoundStripe Production




Artist: Wicked Cinema

Writer: Matthew Wigton


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production



“Right Behind You”

Artist: Wicked Cinema

Writer: Matthew Wigton


Publisher: A SoundStripe Production



“Invisible Love”

Artist: Kaii Dreams, Wild Heart

Storyblocks Music


Insured by


David Karubian


Special Thanks:

Atlas Lens Co

Birns & Sawyer

Nickolas Gilbert

Kate Steinhebel

Ascalon Films, Inc.

Michael Marr


Ben Demaree


Additional Thanks:

Nathaniel Goodman, ASC

Bing Sokolsky, ASC


And Special Thanks To:



Howard Schimmel

Celebrity Agent of Star Consult


Jeff Rector

Tarzana International Film Festival

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